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who takes the last shot>kobe, d-wade, or LeBron>>why??

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    Kobe because he has more experience with it

    No matter how much I dislike how Wade plays, he does shoot a ridiculously high percentage, so he is definitely #2

    Lebron in the clutch, not so good. But he draws defenders away from better clutch players because everyone assumes he's gonna take the last shot. I remember watching Ilgauskas taking the last shot wide open while Lebron drew the double team

    Not that the Big Z is a very good clutch player at all

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    kobe, for now. hes got that killer instinct, knowing that hes going to come out on top. Wades a good clutch player but hasnt really hit the big shots too much (free throws dont count). But look for LeBron to be the man in the future, just ask the wizards.

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    Kobe and d wade...hell no i woudlnt gib the ball to lebron in the 4rth...he did good with those walks against the great Defensive team lol the wizards but against the decent d teams he no i would gib ito d wade if my team was behind double digist and thier was only 5 minutes left to play and i woud gib ti to kobe for the game winner

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    LeBron or D-Wade but not Kobe he already thinks he is the **** and he is not.

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    Kobe hands down ( watch the suns/lakers game... suns had it.. kobe made another miracle but lost to them in the series

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