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Dog's nail got twisted a quarter turn, bleeding, now what?

I tried disinfecting it and was going to cut it but i realized that its totally turned on its side and it looks really painful for him. Is it safe to just totally pull the nail out? What to do?

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    the nail may or may not be need to be removed, go see a vet, in the meantime, keep the nail clean and disinfected.

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    Get some styptic powder and follow the directions if it's bleeding alot. Also get some antibitotic cream and gauze. Trim the nail as best you can, but don't cut through anymore flesh. If you do and the dog doesn't bite you, he should! j/k Cover the wounded area with the cream and wrap up his foot. Try to get the nail into a natural position before you do. Use a lot of gauze so if he starts to chew at it, he shouldn't be able to get through before you catch him. Change the bandages at least once a day. If you notice any swelling of his foot or leg, an unusual discharge coming from his nose or eyes, or a change in his demeanor or eating habits, take him to the vet. That means it has become a serious matter, like an infection which can mean amputation or death if left untreated. If he can't walk well or seems in pain, you might want to take him to the vet so they can bandage him up better.

    The nail might come off on it's own, or else you'll have to keep an eye on him after it's healed enough to take the bandages off so he doesn't injure it further. This means no fun hikes in the woods for a while, until the nail grows long enough that you can trim the torn piece off.

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    Wait to see if it heals, disinfect it and wrap it in gauze to protect his foot so it doesn't hurt too much. Another idea is to cut off the part of the nail that won't hurt so the nail isn't touching too much or being turned while walking. Disinfect, clean with soap / water and a clean paper towel...OR, take him to the vet, another novel idea for a hurt dog.

    Don't know how it happened, maybe some stepped on his foot? Prevent that from reoccuring if you can for the dogs sake. You can't cut it all off, because there's live tissue in there with blood vessels and nerve endings, way too painful for the dog. If he's hurting give him a 1/2 an aspirin -under 25 lbs-while one if over 25 lbs - wrapped in a piece of bread - aspirins are hard on dogs' stomach, if you have baby aspirin which is enteric coated that would be best to protect his stomach; but it will help him with the pain.

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    If the nail wasn't completely broken off and there's still a piece of broken nail hanging on, it will probably have to be removed so the nail can heal, your main thing is to stop the bleeding, Your dog's nail should grow out again in a couple of days, but it might cause her some pain until then. You can help her by keeping the nail area clean, so it won't get infected. Wipe her feet when she comes in from outside; you can even clean her foot with hydrogen peroxide if she gets into anything particularly messy.

    put flour on it to help stop the bleeding and call an emergency vet and aske them, my vet always say if i cut the nail to far to stop the bleeding use flour

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    First, don't freak out. This happens to my Rottweiler.

    Have a bandage and some roll gauze handy. For the gauze I use the stretchy stuff that sticks to itself.

    Restrain dog, if small wrap in towel.

    If big, get help. Make a loop from his lead and place it right behind the ears. Keep it place but don't choke dog. Keep one person holding lead.

    Get nail cutter and make this quick, cut nail as close to toe as possible. Immediately apply pressure with a sterile pad bandage. Hold pressure as long as the dog will let you. Then apply sterile pad bandage; keep it in place with stretchy gauze. Finish with a tube sock.

    Do not attempt to pull nail out.

    There will be bleeding, but not as much as you would think. I have paid twice to have my vet do this and then started doing it myself when the need arises.

    ps - keep the wound clean with peroxide and you can use antibotic ointment on it. I change the bandage, gauze everyday. Generally after 3 days they are pretty well healed. If your dog won't let you keep it covered, keep as clean a possible.

    Source(s): I have a rottweiller with bad toenails
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    You need to take your dog to the vets ASAP. The nail will most likely have to be removed but you can't do that by yourself because the dog may actually bleed to death. Your dog may also need to go on antibiotics and have the nail bed cleaned a little to stop it getting an infection which can cause him more pain and maybe even lose a foot or his leg from diseases.


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    Don't pull it out, just cut it short, and use baking soda or powder to stop the bleeding, try not to bother it, but when you see it getting long again, cut it! It will be very uncomfortable for the dog for a while, my dog still freaks out when I go to cut the nail that did the same thing.

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    If it is so bad that it hurts your dog when he walks you should take him to the vet.

    With time it may grow into the paw pad and cause infection and other related problems.

    If still bleeding keep your dog calm and rest him, the faster the heart beat the faster the blood will come and if you can apply pressure. If you cannot afford the vet bill call them on the phone and ask for immeadiate advice.

    Source(s): Dog owner from childhood. Own dogs from 1988 until now. What type Rottweilers and Great Dane. (Sheba, Jester (Gt.Dane). Bull and Gypsy.
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    Well, my dog lost his nail once it bleed 4 a couple minuted but it was fine and grew back. U might want to take him to a vet and see what they have to say. He might just loose it naturally though.

    Hope this helps!*

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    My dog just went through this. It is really painful for them. I took him to the emergency vet because it was after hours. They removed the nail, disinfected, and bandaged the wound. They also gave me a solution to rinse the wound with after I took the bandage off 24 hours later. It only cost me $100 but my dog was no longer in pain. Please get it taken care of professionally as it can become infected and that is very serious.

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    stop the bleeding by dipping it in flour. I wouldn't pull out the nail on my own. I would wait and get vet advice.

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