looking for mirrors and bars to make a ballet practice room for my daughter does anyone know wher i can find?

we neen mirrors and bars to make a dance room for our daughter she is realy in to ballet and it would good practice for her if she could practice more at home. we would like about a 6' dance bar and the mirror to be about 6' high -8 ' wide can anyone help we want to do this with out spendin a fourtune

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    ebay has EVERYTHING

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    Easy, go to a store like Home Depot or Wal-Mart and ask for a Stair Railing (this will work for the Barre (ballet handrail)) and then go to the Home Section to look for the Mirrors. Get enough to cover from floor to ceiling or at least 6 feet tall and say as long as the Barre. First hang the mirrors on the wall, cutting out places to hang the handrails on the wall next, then; hang the Stair Railing SIDEWAYS on the wall so it will be flat, and you have a handrail. (Be sure to lacquer the railing first).

    4 years of Ballet and I still fell down the stairs today, lol.

    Also you may want to cut out "extra" places on the mirrors "above" where you will put them now and glue them back in, so as she gets older you can move the Bar higher for her without replacing the mirror's each time. Just a thought. Also, you may want to try checking the prices of cheap "full length" mirrors at Wal-Mart as they tend to be, well, cheap and you can place them together, side to side after removing their frames.

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    In morgan hill they have a portable mirror. There is a e-mail address on the website. Maybe you could write them and ask how it was made?


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    Its called a hardware store!! Home Depot..:)

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