Can a UV light water purifier heat the water it is purifying? Can you give me a definitive source reference?

Our cold water (we have NO hot water yet) definitely runs warm for a few moments even on very cold mornings when we first draw water from the faucet. We have an Ultraviolet Light purifier installed but I don't think we have a sediment preflilter. Could the UV be heating up the particulates in our water?

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    1 decade ago
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    Is the UV bulb on all the time?

    If so, the bulb is probably warming the water as it sits in the irradiation chamber. Find the sterilizing unit, and put your hand on it; see if it's warm, and then turn on the water. Feel for a temperature change as the water changes over.

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    UV light does heat the objects up that absorb it. Typically UV lights that are used for purifying water are low wattage so the amount the water will heat up will typically be negligable.

    The wattage of your bulb will tell you how much heat it puts out. A watt is a joule/second.

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