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guys and girls.. what do you call your bf.., or wat do you like to be called?

in other words, wat are some names you call your bf.. and guys wat do you like your gf to call you.. like (ex. honey, baby, babe, etc)

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    OMG, you undesirable lady- you're of course in touch with a slimeball. besides the undeniable fact that, there are 2 aspects to each and each tale, and that i'd a minimum of enable him to inform his area of it formerly kicking him to the reduce. there's a risk he has a psycho ex-gf who thinks she's nevertheless his gf because she's loopy, yet that would not clarify why she became over there with him very last nighttime. Is it achievable that he has a lady buddy or sister or someone who needed to play a prank on him and also you? I admit it is particularly not likely, yet weigh those ideas first formerly letting him have it. And if he quite does have yet another gf, tell him to get his loser-y @$$ out of your existence, because have self belief me, you're worth so a lot extra!!!!

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    baby short simple to the point

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    i called my bf with his nickname: 'apig', thou he is skinny and not even close like pig habit but he was born in chinese pig year.

    and he called me Ms.Piggy. i dont mind about tt as long as he didnt forget my real name

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    Honey, babe, baby, jacka**, smarta**, his name.

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    "hun"........and like when a guy says "hey you" i guess being called you,

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    a&&hole huney jerk cheap skate pussy

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