Help with my car!!!!!?

I changed my spark plug wires and when I put them on I pushed them really hard over the gap, and I have never changed my fuel filter, but air filter is clean, and the o2 secor is 2 yrs old, can this cause my car to stop out of no where. (it happens when I reverse alot.) And can someone tell me how to change my fuel filter??? I also has a belt that sqeeks only when it rains. Could the belt be slipping? Help me please

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    change that gd fuel filter before you burn out a fuel pump. it would help if you told me what kind of car it is.

    main thing you gotta know is to work safe

    1. bleed the fuel line. first start the car, then close the switch for your fuel pump. this is usually a red button by the brake pedal that closes the circuit to the fuel pump in the event of an accident. you need to find it and close it manually, killing the fuel supply to the engine. hit the kill switch on the fuel pump so the engine runs out of gas. that reduces the pressure in the lines so you don't spray gas in your eyes. if you can't find the switch to shut off the fuel pump, bleed the pressure on your fuel rail. this feeds the different injectors and has a tire valve looking stem on it to check the pressure... don't start the car, just bleed it off like you're letting the air out of a tire. but don't let the gas get in your eyes. now remember not to turn the key cuz this will energyize the fuel pump and you'll have to do it over again. don't turn the key while you're working either or the fuel pump will start pumping fuel like crazy trying to build pressure in the fuel lines

    2. disconnect the battery. there's gas, you're working. you don't want anything to happen.

    3. if you need to get the fuel filter from underneath like on the frame of a truck or SUV, make sure it's secured properly.

    4. the rest you really have to figure out on your own. you might need a special tool for your vehicle manufacturer's specific fuel lines. then it's just a questio of dexterity getting those ******* clips off. the ones on trucks are easy to do. if it's behind the engine it can be trickier. just be careful you don't break any of the plastic fuel lines or those little vacuum lines that are all around in there

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    There are quite a few items on a modern car that can cause it to stall. As sensors wear and things happen, engine errors can occur. The good news is that the on-board engine control (i.e. the 'computer') keeps track of which systems experience faults and records the trouble codes. Some autoparts stores will check engine codes so that you'll buy the parts from them. In most cases, you can get the codes to display using the check engine light. My local library has many of the factory diagnostic manuals available to help you through this process. JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN and the library books out of the dirt!

    Most of the do-it-yourself auto repair manuals are decent for standard repairs and maintenance like a fuel filter. If you plan to maintain the vehicle yourself (it sounds like you are doing so), why not invest a few bucks in a manual to keep on hand. Fuel filters range from quick and easy, to tricker ones that are easiest with simple specialized tools.

    Your belt is slipping. Slipping belts are bad, especially on modern engines where they do quite a bit of work. Replace the belt and make sure it has proper tension. It will get worse and eventually fail. The rain water just makes it slip more easily.

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    Well I can't answer everything but you need to find out first of all if your fuel filter is in the pump in the gas tank. When you put the wires back on are you sure you put them back in the right order? That can affect the engine. Also the belt just gets wet and that's what the squealing is. If your worried about your belt look at it and see if it's cracked or the integrity of it is compromised.

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    you need to narrow down what is wrong with your car. Your belt is bad you need a new one.

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