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Are there any fun things to do in Palm Springs?

Me and my family are going to Palm springs next week and I want to know if anyone has any ideas on what we can do down there. Are there any fun places for kids to go?

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    i went there w a bunch of friends and we went horesback riding hiking and shopping they have a HUGA mall there its really nice

    have fun

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    There are few issues to do in Palm spgs even concept its warm interior the summertime cases. I got here to Palm spgs whilst it replace into so warm and didnt want to do something yet winter got here we enjoyed it. I had to benefit to stay with the warmth yet you will get used to it yet painful. Thats why you have a pool and AC. i got here across few articles that could clarify issues to do right here. i individually want to do all the issues to do in city and likewise attempt the neighboring wilderness cities which includes Palm wilderness, LaQuinta, Thousand hands,etc

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    It's pretty hot this time of might consider taking the tram up to the top of Mt San's lots cooler at the top and it's a great ride.

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    Casino Morongo is right near by, cool dance club there. I know this isn't really for kids, fun time for adults only.

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