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Advice about good seats to watch a race at Bristol Motor Speedway?

I'm from another country, been living in Johnson City for 1 year and got hooked on NASCAR. Which terrace is the best to watch a race at Bristol Motor Speedway that is not so expensive. Of course i'm excluding suites and the very pricy seats.

Would also like to know what is the best way to get there, because I know it's so crowded that it's impossible to drive or to find a parking space. Are there any "buses" or transportation that may take you to and from the race?

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    There are really no bad seats at Bristol; only good and better. Bristol is a 1/2 mile track (which is very short for a race track) and all of the action can be seen from anywhere.

    Seats To Avoid - Nearly every seat at the speedway is good but you may want to avoid seats in the Waltrip section above row 55. The poles that hold up the suites may obstruct your

    view of the track.

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    Best seating is anywhere in the house at Bristol. I own a race tour company so if you wanted me to I can check into transportation but I guarantee its gonna be fun even with a bus.

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    In Nascar, the higher the seats the better. Get a room in Ashville, NC and there will be some kind of transpo from there.

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    Stay off the track

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