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What is the best thing to do with your bangs when they hang down wrong when your hair is in a pony tail?

My bangs hang down off to the side. They are long, but not long enough to put in the pony tail. They also aren't the same length as each other. I don't want to get a hair cut, but I want to fix it.

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    Sweep the bangs to the side. If one side is shorter than the other, sweep them in that direction. heres how to do it...hold them facing away from your face and using a comb, brush a few strokes towards your scalop to get them a little "ratty" and sticking together. tuck them behind that ear and add a little hairspray.

    also try this site for a better look at what all you can do

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    You could get one of those flexible hairbands that stretch and are made up of little comb teeth to pull the bangs back into the rest of your hair when you wear it down. Or, you could do a bang wrap, by combing the bangs into one smooth section that you pin in place over your forehead. That would be a temporary fix while you are trying to grow them out. Google the term "bang wrap" and see if you can find a hair styling site.

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    Hair clips can be cute if used properly.

    You could twist the hanging bangs back and then bobby pin them on top of your head with or without added volume.

    Or, you could push them to one side and clip/pin them that way.

    I usually just let them hang in my eyes to one side, or I make an X with bobby pins and put them on one side.

    If you don't want to use accesories, you could use a root lifting gel/mousse to make them just kind of wavy and out of your face.

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