Ok, tomorrow evening will be my bartending debut. I have been waiting for this opportunity for over 3 years (Bartending school, never given a chance for a job when applied and working as a food runner going crazy). Any existing bartenders have any advice besides the obvious?? I appreciate it. Wish me luck Thanks!

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    I've always wanted to be a bartender.

    Good Luck!

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    Do not stress when someone asks you to make something and you don't know how. Be honest and tell them you are just starting. Ask them if they know what goes in it.

    Smile but also remember you have a great responsibility when serving...know when to flag someone. Always ask for Identification.

    Remember each drink calls for a consistant right down to the glass the drink is served in. People want to know if they come back and order the same drink that it will taste the same.

    Drink presentation is like food presentation....IT'S Important!!!!

    Know your garnishes and know them well!

    There is a reason bar managers hesitate to hire graduates from a bartending school. They want bartenders to make drinks according to thier recipe. They want to mold a bartender. You will be lucky to use 1/2 of what you learned in school.

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    Always smile and treat everyone the same, even the guy who doesn't tip, you never know when he may come back and make up for it! DON'T DRINK!!!! Don't even drink there on your days off, keep it professional, it looks tacky. Learn a few good tricks or jokes.Good Luck

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    Smile. Be part of the party without being the party and definitely do not drink behind the bar. Don't argue with drunks. That's what management is for. Always be aware of your surroundings. Be good to your bar back.

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    Don't drink when you are tending bar. It can lead to some wild parties and be careful when serving drunks, the cops will come back to you if something happens.

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    Well dress nice, put on some desent cologne, make the ladies some strong drinks & smile.... you will do fine...Good Luck!

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    bartending there is only one rule .................listen what they ask for.if they asked for scotvch and you give them brandy your tip went right out the window...............the secret of a successfull barman is all liquors learn your products...............improve your memory all drinks come in different colors the colors is the clue you need to make the right drink...............remember that all drinks have their house,deluxe preminum and super premium brands................the correct glass as well as the correct garnish can make or brake your drink become a entertainer a bartenders stage is his bar remember all tools as well as trhe equipment that is in your bar........................join bartenders competitions ads well as attend as many wine fairs as you can join wine socireties as well as domestic affairs...................get a expensive pen wine opener and a fancy lighter thosa are your tip money makers always wear clean pressed uniforms+................

    Source(s): a craftman with 28 yrs of service and still going strong............warning never work in a place with no less than 2 -3 stars or diamonds........stay away from clubs women ,phone numbers and unlimited drugs is all you going to are your top of the line sa;laries go from 30-75.000 yearly...............dont take nothing home your job is consedred one of the most prestigious can make as much as a person with a degree i mean any degree...............and you will be serving the crme de la mcreme in society that is weATHER YOU SERVE IN THE APPLE OR THE BIG EASY OR PERHAPS SHY TOWN...........IM CONSIDERED ONE OF THE BEST... RECIPES CAFE BUSTAMANTE THAT WAS MY FIRST RECIPE PLAYBOY MAGAZINE
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    first of all, Good Luck!! the best advise i can give is to have fun, don't drink on the job, & always keep your customers happy. remember to smile!!

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    Have fun and get as many numbers as you can. Take full advantage of your position. Oh yeah, and don't try to be Tom Cruise.

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    Dont drink.Dont screw up orders.Always smile ,even at the jerks and ask if they want refills before they have to ask you

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