Does anyone have some tips to help my 6 year old daughter from being so dramatic?

Yes, she is a little spoiled. . . and she cries when she doesn't get her way. If we fuss at her or tell her no, she tends to trip over something or bump into something and then cry that she's hurt. This happens all the time. Sometimes in public I'm sure people think I'm mean when I say "you're fine. Come on."

My son who is 3 is also somewhat whiney. I apparently do something without realizing it to encourage this.

Any advice?

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    I have the exact same problem with my 5 year old. (We call it "drawing the foul".) I give her 10 pennies every morning to keep in her pocket. As they jingle around in her pocket, they remind her NOT to whine. If she does throw a fit, she owes me a penny. At the end of the day we count all of her pennies and put them in her piggy bank. She knows how many she needs for a specific toy she is saving up for.

    I give her opportunities to earn pennies throughout the day (doing a chore right away, preventing an argument with her baby sister, etc). So far it seems to be helping.

    I am going to keep up with your question...I am always on the prowl for hints for my little whineypants!

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    You have to ignore it. No matter how long she keeps it up, ignore it. When I was a child, if I cried over nothing my mother would say, "I'll give you something to cry about." And she did. I don't recommend hitting her but you could take away a toy or something she likes. She will soon see that her behavior is counter productive. And her little brother is learning from his sister how to get his way. You need to stop paying attention now.

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    It's just a stage that they are going through. Sounds like you are doing the right thing. Don't over react to them, be calm and firm and give simple directions to encourage the correct behavior. Reward the good, try to ignore the not so good.

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    I have lots of advice. but the general point is this. STRAIGHT out. I won't take your manipulation. cry? then cry. It will not get you anywher but infront of the tissue box.

    Say this to yourself then out loud toyour kids.

    SHOW some authority and affirmation in what you say. I teach and volunteer with children and when I SEE a tear or a hint of a whine in any voice......

    I start off with:

    1. Okay, cry if you like but you have to learn that life is not always about what we want but what is right for us.

    2. cry but your manipulation will get you know where with me changing my mind

    3. I know you are upset, but I am looking for your well being and you need to prioritize.

    4. We need to work and comprimise here. What do you want to do differently with this? would you like to cry and whine? or would you like to be treated like a grown up more often?

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    Apparently it works if the 3 year old is picking up on it. Try things like, "You know, cry babies don't get desert". Crybabies don't get to go to the __________. Crybabies don't get to play with ______. Santa doesn't visit Crybabies. In other words, teach them that there are negative results from being a crybaby. But STICK TO IT!!!! The worst thing you can do is be wishy-washy sometimes being strict sometimes giving in.

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    My daughter will be 6 in September and my son is also 3. They act very similar to yours. I think it is just a stage that they go through at this age group. Just try to stay firm.

    Source(s): me, going through the same thing
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    It sounds like you are a bit of a pushover. They are getting attention by pushing your buttons , and I bet you usually give in. To change thier ways you have to change yours.

    If meltdowns happen in public, warn them ahead of time that you will take them straight home if they do not behave, and follow through. At home, give them consequences for the bad behavior, and rewards for good, but always follow through.

    Good luck, sweetie!

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    try ignoring her when she starts to whine over not getting her way--it worked for an 8 year old girl I used to watch that was like this...

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    ignore them

    say they are acting irresponsible...

    give them a time period..where they DO NOT exist to you.

    and do it.

    Like ten minutes...etc...

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    all kids play this game, your reaction is what keeps it happening!

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