Wont take me for who i am. Part:2.?

i tried all of the advice u guys gave me for the question i asked before ("Wont take me for who i am.") but...it didnt work...they made fun of me even more and they said that im gunna be a loser in life and etc.this made me so mad. cause basically what there saying is im not allowed to be myself. im not even a bad kid. i get good grades...i am very kind and i treat them with respect and i do anything they need for them. they should care about the way i dress or anything. wat do u guys think?

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    Just don't bother what others have to say about u... It's your life, you're doing well now, you gonna do well in the future... Dressing, come on now you can't be that bad... No matter what others mock you, you will always be able to prove them wrong one day... Make that you direction , your aim and get on with life... Treat them with respect but take the opportunity to be sarcastic at times... You can't be the receiving party all the time, give back once in a while... Good luck

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    Same as I said before

    All of God's Blessings

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