How does the weather affect your hair?(frizz,puffy,limp)and how do you fix it?

Please tell me about your hair so that I know what to expect when we move back to the US.My hair is wavy bra length and thick,in dry heat it is a little frizzy and very puffy,in humid days it is extra frizzy and a little puffy.I am currently in okianwa. Please also tell me where you are.Thanks.

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    Choose a hair stylist experienced in curly/dry hair.

    Have your hair stylist help you choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain--preferably one that just requires a wet-and-go approach.

    Once you have your favored style, visit your stylist at least 4 times a year to trim split ends.

    Don't let your hair stylist use a razor to layer your hair (although layering is good.) Razors contribute to split ends.

    Don't wash hair every day. This kind of hair needs the natural oils from your scalp to reduce frizz.

    To upkeep your desired style, just wet hair with some conditioner on non-washing days (rinse thoroughly).

    Avoid using hairdryers unless necessary. Blowdrying hair dries it out. If you must use a hair dryer than make sure you use a diffuser.

    Believe it or not, grease, mousses and gels make caring for this kind of hair harder!! Chemical build-ups require more washing than is healthy.

    If you must use products, use high-quality, health-food store or salon products that leave little residue.

    Do not brush, unless you want a 'fro.

    Love your hair! Many are envious of the regal quality of curly hair!

    Source(s): I am a licensed cosmetologist in ohio~if you need more help please contact me~
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    I live in FL so my hair almost never works with me. In hot weather it gets evan more frizzy and I already have frizzy and puffy hair down to breast length and I have to relax it but my nature hair grows out fast. I can only relax it once every four months! So that stinks! Any way in cool weather it stays real nice.

    So... yeah,

    but I brade my hair. so that solves stuff

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    I live in Texas. It is VERY humid down here. Combine that with my naturally wavy/curly hair and you get nasty results. My hair gets EXTREMELY frizzy and BIG. I usually keep my hair tied back.

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    I'm from Singapore, my hair is only frizzy and dry when its either heavy downpour or scorching sun out there, normal weather will be just right. I use hair serum (Loreal)

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    I live in IL and its very humid here espcially now I deep condtion and put a leave in/spray in condtioner and my hair is very thick so I know what you mean

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    It makes my hair frizzy, and I can't get it to do anything. lol. It always looks flat...when it's hot outside, it seems to stick to the back of my neck. (gross) lol. Anyways, weather can GREATLY effect your hair.

    Source(s): Trust me on this one.....
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    I'm not telling you where I live! To prevent frizzing, use an anti-frizzing serum, like Pantene Pro-V Anti-Frizz Serum.

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    my hair does exactly that. frizzy, puffy, the works. i usually either throw it in a ponytail, my favorite baseball hat, or a visor beanie that i got from my boyfreind

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    The weather mess my hair up when it is hot outside, I pull my hair up on my head.

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