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athleletes over paid?

A-ROD,GARNETT,WEN SHACK GOT 30 MILL,nay one u can think of any sport.

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    It depends...if the player is making 2.5 million a year to sit on the bench most of the season...then yes!!

    However, someone like Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, or Shaq...these are big name athletes that:

    1. Lead their team

    2. Do a majority of the team production

    3. Fill the arenas (not just at home) but also when they travel to other cities on the road which equals $$

    4. They sell league merchandise which equals $$

    bottom line...if fans are willing to pay $10 for parking, $80 a a game ticket, $6.50 for nachos, and $35 for a t-shirt...then who should get the profit? the team owner? or the star player bringing in all the cash??

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    Yes, but it is supply and demand. What really gets me is when they sign a long term contract, then want to renegotiate after having a couple of good years or if a couple of guys sign better contracts. If that's the case, maybe the club should be able to renogiate if the player is hurt or has a couple of bad years. Be a man. If you sign the contract, live up to it.

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    Athletes negotiate for higher pays because their earning capacity is very limited due to ageing at the most only at about 35 years old. As long as they can play while still young, they want to be paid more. Anyway, a player's work is compensable as long as they play good and be good entertainers.

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    when you get to play one game and make what 80% of American make in a year, IT IS SICKENING. I don't care which sport.

    ON TOP OF THAT, medical paid by the team AND per diem meals, like most need it.

    I used to go in the gym and PAY to play for a couple hours.

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    p manning got like a 4 year 100 mil deal a couple years ago. Yeah, thats way to much!

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    if you think of it in terms of getting paid obscene amounts of money to toss around a ball yes. however, in proportion to what the various athletic clubs and organizations make off these players, absolutely not. they make billions in ticket sales, network agreements, merchandising, etc, etc. what they pay these players are genuine investments to ensure they can produce the best possible "product" to present to the public. and in that light, players should receive their fair share of revenue.

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    I think they are, but if the compition of the job you worke at offered you 50 mil a year, would you turn it down? I think the owners should stop.

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    Sure are, and made out to be hero's.

    Usually they waste their money, throw away the chance to get on their feet for life, and turn into overgrown brat's.

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    absolutely, they are overpaid along with other actors and singers, i mean i really don't need to be entertained that badly. seriously , don't you think the people that keep us safe in our homes at night and the people that teach our children are worth just as much...

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    Its just a game. They don't save lives or teach our children. They are very glorified and very overpaid.

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