Has anyone ever met a popular celebrity, that was rude or arrogant and it made u change your mind about them?

Like if you watch (example) Oprah and think she is so nice and caring and then you meet her at a resort somplace and she was a ***** or rude to you or something? THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE! Any negative celeb stories?

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    I met was Pat Boone and he is not really popular anymore but he was real nice and signed one of his 45's with a gold pen for my husband. I also met one of the men on one of those TV evangelists shows. He was staying at a clinic I worked in. He left in the middle of the night without paying his bill and took with him things that several employees lent to him and his family, ours among them. Totally not a very nice person.

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    Yes , Anthony Quin, I probably miss spelled his name any how, I was working on the film "revenge" with Kevin Costner,

    shot in Mexico., A girl friend friend of mine that also worked in the production , we asked for his autograph, on Sunday at the hotel restaurant, where most of of the crew stayed , and his answer

    was "I dont have time for that" it was disappointing, and yet he was a great actor, I witness a scene at a cabin with Kevin Costner, that last a whole roll of 35mm motion pictures 1000"(feet) he never made a mistake, and the scene was perfect according to the director Tonny Scott. so there you have it.

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    I met a pro baseball player and asked for an autograph. I was totally snubbed. I later found out his son was diagnosed with autism that same day. I went from really hating this dude to feeling bad for the dude in about 1 heartbeat. Don't be too quick to judge.

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    Oh no! My chum met LL Cool J and stated he became sooo cool and grounded. Of the small list of celebrities that I actual have met Charlie Sheen became the best yet Billy 1st earl baldwin of bewdley became blah no longer rude or some thing purely blah.

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    Not quite a celebrity story, but I saw a band I liked in concert once and they were complete *****. Didn't like em after that.

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    Yes and no i met critina agulara and at first she was nice and then comes the mean but you have to show off to get to know them better

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    my mum's best friend (who shall remain anonymous) was a guest on Martha Stewart's TV show and my mom met her and told me that after watching Martha deal with the TV crew she said she was a beotch.

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    Vince Lombardi Jr. What a dick. Felt like telling him, "Your father sure was great".

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