Has anyone ever used evening primrose oil to thin their cervix?

I have done alot of research on this and my MW is all for me using this but she didn't say when I should start taking it orally and I have found a broad time frame from online info and I am not sure when I show start it. If you have taken it orally and vaginally please tell me when. Thanks

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    If memory serves, I starting taking it orally in the 8th or 9th month.

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    No. I've never heard of it. I'd be afraid to take it "vaginally" but let me know if it works orally!! I have only 2 weeks to go and I wouldn't mind a head start!

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    Castro Oil my grandma drank 1Cup each time she wanted the pregnancy over with which was only a couple of days before they were due she had three healthy boy's one was born on Valentine's. If you decide to take this make sure someone will be with you because it does work if you are close to your due date.

    I agree with isle72

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    I don't understand the rush with so many of these new mothers to be. Why not let your baby come when he/she is ready? Be grateful you made it full term...many women do not (I was one).

    My son would have been so much better off had he gone full term. He would not have visual issues, learning disabilities, severe adhd and asperger's. I followed all the "rules" (no alcohol, avoiding certain foods, etc) and didn't even do anything to rush his delivery. I had severe complications that caused him to be born 3 months premature almost causing the death of both of us.

    Please let your baby come when your baby is ready.

    Source(s): I'm an R.N.
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    go for it

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