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What is the thrust of the space shuttle solid rocket boosters?


should have added how much do they weigh too.

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    Each booster has a thrust (sea level) of approximately 3,300,000 pounds at launch.

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    Off the top of my head, I was going to say about 3 million pounds of thrust for each solid rocket booster. Looks like the peanut gallery agrees. The two SRB's and the shuttle altogether have about 7 million pounds of thrust. (The shuttle also fires its engines during launch but their flames are hardly noticable compared to the raw power of the SRB's.)

    Interesting of reality...the SRBs are very similar to the model rockets many of us built as children (or adults). Once ignited, there's no shutting them off. As one astronaut said (paraphrased), "Once those babies are lit, you are NOT staying on the ground!!"

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    Thrust (sea level, liftoff): 2.8 million lbf (1,270,058 kgf / 12.46MN)

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