How tobacco companies and exploit in Asian countries?

In Burma and China many youth become smokers and beer drinkers because of tobacco and beer companies ads. Nestle and EAC advertise infant formulas to mothers.

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    I'm taking a guess at this question because of the way it is presented. But this is just my opinion, remember, not from complete facts. The way I have seen the world, and this is let say, starting from about 1950. When the end of W W II was under way. The USA was the major capitalist around. The beginning of modern life was booming forth, T.V. was to be in American homes, the Telephone was coming to all American homes, Advertising --was becoming more generated through the modern new medias. In the past it was just the Newspaper or letters or signs or the telegraph. Now America was considered to be the most influential country at the time with so much abundance and wealth. Other countries were given the idea that America had it all. When the Cinema started cranking out glamor and movie stars and romance. Every one thought America WAS this. Other countries that have cultures dating back over 4000 years following traditional ways. America just celebrated our 230 year birthday. So over the years other countries started to develop some of the -----western styles, --or American modern ideals, American fashion was brought to the European and out lying countries. But other countries were still into their own traditions. And of course Communism was very much the political views in Russia and China at this time. In the 1960's there was a lot of political demonstration going on, young people from other strict countries came to American Colleges to get an education and learn about Democracy. Now we have a lot of worldly educated people that have learned to become successful with a capitalist way of approach. So when you fast forward to the 1990's or to 2000's we have a lot of semi-capitalist cranking out ways to get rich. And this is not just American Corporate Executives any longer. Any country in the world will now try to become rich by any means possible. People have always taken advantage, of the young and the naive, all the way back to the Knights of the Templar. You now look at how China has become more modern the last 30 years or so. India has also become more westernized. Education play a big part of the changing of Ideals of the world. People will learn the basics of what is being taught in schools, but there will be those that go further and find answers to their own personal ideas, so--there will be ---the Einsteins, and the Churchill's, and the Bill Gates and the Donald Trumps. There will always be Lawyers and people to try to find ways to get rich and slip past the system. Just look at the situation with the OIL of the world and the middle east and the money it is generating to ---whoever. We are very much in a world of capitalistic proportions. This is called --Politics. There is also going to be inside of "politics"----scams--cover ups--blaming things on others--passing the buck---you name it. There is a lot of things that go on all over the world that the average Jane or John Doe will never be able to comprehend. When you look back through History you will see that it repeats it self again and again. Money, Power, Religion, Traditions. It is why the world has had so much war since the time of the Roman Empire, and will probably continue.---------Till God says------enough.

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    In Japan they sell cigarrettes in vending machines on the streets.

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