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Why are all girls sluts?

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    Not all girls are sluts. Yeah some are because they sell themselfs but besides that there not! Women are royalty and should be treated with some respect. Your calling your mom and your aunt and your sister and your dog a slut so think about it. You shouldn't be saying that stuff just cause you cant get a girl or cause nobody likes you.

    So don't call girls sluts and if you cant get a girl...GET A GUY.....

    Hope this helps you mean person about girls

    -chad -the love lady machine- =) =p =()

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    You need to meet girls from a different place. Girls today are exposed to so much x rated stuff that they think they are supposed to be sluts or else they are not cool. If you can find a girl with self respect and confidence, she will not be a slut. Try church-but watch out there, too. Some girls are there cause their parents make them go or sometimes they have such great youth programs that the sluts come in too.

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    1 decade ago

    Gurlz Are Sluts Cuz They Just Are Just Like Brittany Hoffman In My School That Slut Is So Stupid She Goes To Summer School 4 Everything Even Gym She Is A Stuid Butt I Wasnt Going To Curse Lol

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    All girls are not sluts. Alot of young girls are just curios about there sexuality, but we all seem to learn from are mistakes and learn that we, all do stupid things.Plus all boys-men can be sluts as well, because you are sleeping with the girls that are giving it up. Try finding some one who's not that easy.

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    You unfortunately have a very poor opinion of women......and you probably need counseling. Either you have been letdown a few times ( alot) in the therefore, you think women are all "bad". Or you are a religious fanatic....and see things in a very different light....and not a "healthy one". But, needless to say, you do need help and guidance ASAP....I wish you luck really, and hope one day you do not view women as sluts....especially since Mom=woman.

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    I think you mean most MEN are sluts. & I don't know why but I couldn't even tell you some of the sh*t I have seen men try without probably making you want to vomit. (Not that there aren't women who'd do things that'd make you want to vomit too, but the only ones I know of are from stories. I've yet to run across any in real life.)

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    It would'nt be possible for girls to be sluts if men didn't sleep around with them as much as they do. What I want to know is why girls who do it are called sluts, but men the men they do it with aren't called any derogatory names.

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    1. not all girls are sluts

    2. the girls that are sluts, guys make them become sluts.

  • Indigo
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    What a prejudice @ss to post this, especially in the Women's studies section! Do you post racist questions in race/ethnic/culture related sections?? And with that opinion, who are you to try to control what a woman does in her own life? Controlling freak.

    Also... News Flash, a lot of men are sluts to, it's time they stop being viewed as heros. Slutty men are a turn off.

    I take it you don't like women, so clearly you must be gay.

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    Most men think girls are sluts, when she is giving it to someone else and not you....

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