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Is not crying a psychological issue?

I have not shed a tear in over 15 years. I've been thru death in immediate family, lost love and many joyous events. Any comments, advice?

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    If these things have an emotional effect on you (outside of pleasure) then chances are you just are not the crying type. However, if you feel nothing should see a professional. One disorder would be a sociopath. However, there are others as well. Like I said depending on your feelings about these events it may or may not be a psychological issue.

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    If your mood is stable when ordinary life is going on, I would say that not crying is fine. If you have no other mental health issues you are ok. If events happen and you don't cry but also ignore the feelings you have thats a problem. If you deal with events in a healthy way, you don't necessarily HAVE to cry.

    Source(s): I am a psychiatric nurse practicioner
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    thats totally not normal unless u have no tear ducts or something physical stopping it....................

    not even during a movie?? id try to make myself cry just to get it all out........... maybe u need to express major anger through beating something up like a pillow or something and then the tears may flow. cuz that sounds severe.

    u might need a baseball bat to a tree if its been 15 years.even if you dont "feel" angry at all.

    u need to excite yourself.

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    I would think that if you just hold in your emotions, eventually they're all going to come out in some unhealthy way.

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    im not sure but crying is suppose to be healthy for you. your eyes get rid of dander and its a healthy way to express yourself.

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    i think it may be. escpecially if you have been really sad in those 15 years.

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