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Hey can anyone tell me how cutting your risks can help u??

would be better if someone who answered this does or has slit thier rists due to problems; People who are knew to this welcome to answer :)---oh yeah and i couldn't find a section to where this question might fit into so...yeah



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    if u want to die, it can help u get there, if u cut too deep. but i dont' think a person who slits or cuts there wrist want to die. i really think they want some attention, and bored and feels they have nothing else to do with theirselves. but if any one feels like that they should see a doctor quick. because in a long run, u're gonna make yourself ugly, because of the scaring, and you'll be embarassed about it later.

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    Risk management is the most important ingredient of maturity.

    People are called immature when they act on impulse or without thinking through the outcome of their actions. Unfortunately many still do, and many grow up without ever learning this skill. That's why we've got bunch of morons around us that we have to watch out for or take care of (because they don't). Sometimes all that's left from those morons is just a memory, that us, still living, grieve about on a daily basis (the ones who cared about them, that is).

    Risk management will enable you to answer questions like "what should I do: this or that?" by analyzing "what will happen if I do this" vs. "what will happen if I do that" and picking a better choice. Life is full of choices, and taking a CALCULATED RISK is what it's all about and a real secret to successful and fulfilled life.

    Good luck.

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    All I can say is things will, and do get better if you work at it, and people do, and will always care. Hang in there

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