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What are some GOOD, FREE, IQ tests I can take on the internet?

None of that "Please enter your e-mail and those of at least a thousand of your friends" crap, please.

Also, if you could recommend some good and fun logic and stragety exercise websites. Thnx a lot!

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    You will prolly get a small piece of info on your iq score or at least i did on tickle. But you may have to pay for the full like 20 page long report...I didnt because i got a really high score, so maybe that will also happen to you.

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    There a whole bunch of them. Most (if not all) of them are not real IQ test, but test written up by the people that host whatever site they are for. Just about everyone I know has gotten somewhere between 120 and 140 on every test. I don't know that many smart people. And when the national average is around or just above 100, its highly unlikely that so many people score so high.

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