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am i pregnant?? missed my period for 25 days?

my cycle was every 22 days and it was pretty regular. I missed my last period but was under some stress and didnt think anything of it. After 10 days I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative, I thought maybe it was all in my head. I have NO symptoms, my weight is the same, my breasts arent sore or bigger, I am not tired, but no period still and its been 25 days since my last one was due. please help

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    the longer you stress about it the longer you go without....try to relax.

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    All pregnancies are different so even if your not feeling symptoms (other then missed period) you could be pregnant. I would make an appointment with an obgyn, it doesnt seem like you are. But like I said all pregnancies are different. Also if you are stressed and worried about it there is chance that stress is why you havent had your period.....My friend (Lived about 10 hours away from me) came to visit me and she had not had a period in 3 months (she was scared to take one) I pretty much made her take it......She wasnt pregnant and guess what the next morning she was on her period. So it could be anything. Good luck

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    If it was 10 days after your period I would suggest taking another one in the morning that is when the pregnancy hormone (HCG) is the highest in your urine. If you have a Family Dollar or Dollar General in your area you can pick one up for a $1 always give your test a few extra minutes.

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    You need to see a Doctor about this. I don't think you are pregnant but sometimes our hormones go down and the body has no clue as to when to menstruate. Since you are normally regular, I wouldn't worry too much but go see if it's just stress(that' s the usual reason)

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  • pontow
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    what number days are on your cycle. via fact I certainly have the comparable cycle as you, yet i wasn't do for my AF until eventually the 28? are you having any indications? Sperm can stay as much as 3 days, I certainly have study. So going off of a calendar you will possibly of been ovulating the 9th by the 14th. i might get a blood try. i think of your days seem off a sprint.

  • I would take another test, just in case. That has happend 2 times in my lifetime, so far. The body likes to play tricks sometimes. Maybe you should also see your GYN.

  • Sounds like you're not. But if you're still thinking that you might be, wait a week and take another test.

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    i would definetly take another test . if your not then it would probaly be a good idea to see a doctor because your cycle is messing up for some reason.

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    Getting a blood test is probably your best option....this way you'll be completly sure!! Good luck!!

  • Anonymous
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    u need to maybe take another test just to be sure.

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