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What will help me get into medical school?

Things such as MCAT scores


Exatracuricular activities

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    First of all, you REALLY have to want to go through with it. I mean all the way. It is a grueling and unforgiving course of study. Start early, if possible, and keep your grades way up there. This is no place for wall-flowers, either. Assert yourself and participate in every class so you get noticed and known by your classmates and professors. If you have any chance to do some extracurricular activity related to your field of study don't hesitate to take it and learn all you can from it. If you want it bad enough you can do it. Don't forget that many medical school loans might be paid off by your employer after your residency and some commitment from you. Good luck.

    Source(s): Associates degree in Nursing, Masters in Biology, LPN for 6 years and RN for 22.
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    take as many science and math related classes in high school. Interview doctors, ask if you could be their "shadow" for a week. and keep up your GPA. The higher, the better.

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    good grades, good scores on the mcats, work experience, volunteer work, etc.

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    keep studying and work as hard as

    you can but not that hard, and you will get

    to medical school.

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