Has anyone else ever had long distance (out of the country) marriage?

I am happily married to a canadian citizen. We have had a long distance marriage for almost 2 years now. Immigration approval and custody battle has kept us apart for now. Soon we will be together under one roof, but for now we have no choice. The sacrifice right now is worth it to fight for the right to bring my children. Immigration approval is complete, all we are waiting for is to complete the custody process.

We love each other very much and actually met on Yahoo Personals!! Yes it really works. I live on the East Coast and he lives on the West Coast! After communicating for about 11 months on Yahoo IM we decided to meet in person. It was great! We married about a year later.

I was wondering if any others have experienced this?

How did it turn out either good or bad??

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm in a long distance relationship as well. We both live in Texas, only one of us lives in north Texas, the other one in South Texas. Because of work schedules and kids we only get to see each other every other Sunday. We've been together happily for 4 years, engaged for 3. We are hoping that he will be able to get out of his current contract next summer so that we can get married and be together permanently.

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    my cousin and her husband had both been offered a job overseas that neither could turn down. one is in switzerland and the other in the middle east. both are lawyers and both are surviving through it. they seem happy. you just have to hand on and dont ever give up. love is worth the battle

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