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help... i think im going insane? Should i see a doctor?

Im 17 years old and im frustrated with a lot of things. I've recently been sick with a fever and it doesn't show n e more symtoms but i think im still sick or feeling sick. I think I was delusional for a while as i thought the world was all fake something similar to the matrix for a day or 2 (did not watch matrix for like 4 years). I saying in my room tat night i wish to be helped and set free or something like tat. I knew it was insane but i couldn't shake the feeling of what if? I also read works of freud and they depressed me and made me start to anaylze myself and why i am the way i am. I came to shocking conclusions which have depressed me i believe and given me nasty and disturbing thoughts. I cannot rid myself of these thoughts. It has taken away my enjoyment for a lot of things. My mind constantly dealts me disturbing questions such as things i would find disturbing before but due to the influence of a friend i no longer find disturbing. These things deal with Sigmond Freud.


If you know anything regarding Freud and his theories and more tell me please. I do not wish to say exactly what it is. I've also become paranoid and unsure of my own thinking and self. I feel depressed and insane at the same time? As i can no longer possess my own thoughts.

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    i'm sending you a very good website with info on freud. sometimes, especially at your age, a person's influences may not have the best outcome. i would really reconsider with whom you're hanging out. if they're making you feel this way, it may not be in your best interest to continue the relationship. it sounds like you may have had a high fever which can result in delusional thinking, but i'm no doctor. if you feel very strongly about the possibility that something more is going on, you should seek the advice of a physician. good luck to you and best wishes.

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    Why were you readig sigmond freud ?

    If it was for psychology 101 Then just pass and forget it.

    Some times the work of psychology is contradicted by others. The human behaviour is not very exact like maths.

    So do not let one mans opinion bother you..

    Change your subject for a while. Go to a museum or azoo and get more fresh air.

    Walk by the river, goto a park and see children playing..

    See a mom walking with baby's hand in hers.see lovers walking with hand in hand.

    All of these people do not know psychology but they are very happy. Happy scenes will make you happy.

    The world is very big and beautiful , don't let a little sorrow ruin your happyness.

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    You should definately be evaulated by a proffesional, but I think it sounds like you may have severe anxiety. A little depression comes along with it. I am trying to recover from my anxiety, I was thinking terrible thoughts in my head- some violent. I was afraid of hurting myself or someone else. I was also analyzing everything. I think the feeling of the world being fake could be depersonalization/derealization which come with anxiety/depression. I have had horrible and strange thoughts and I have been to proffessionals and they diagnosed me with severe anxiety disorder. I thought I was going crazy too, but if you are thinking about it most likely you are not going crazy. Crazy people don't know they are crazy. You should go to a therapist or psychiatrist for an evaluation.

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    You should definitely see a psychiatrist. I don't think reading Freud is helping you, though you may find it interesting. And I don't think your friend is having a good influence on you. Are you having sleep problems? Please go get appropriate help ASAP, and when you have yourself back in balance, then you can read up on psychology some more if you like.

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    Dearheart, Freud was drug addicted and psychotic. You definately need professional help. Where are your parents/guardians?! They need to know your situation and seek help for you. Were you seen by a doctor for this fever? If not, start there. If you were seen by a doctor regarding this fever then he needs to know what is going on with you now. See a doctor NOW!

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    Its good that you know you have a problem. I say see a doctor ASAP. Sometimes people your age do have strange feeling, strange ideas, but its possible that after you were ill something might have happened to your thought process. A high fever can cause brain damage. See someone soon.

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    Please tell your mother, your closest adult friend, or your pastor. What you are feeling is worrisome and you need an adult's help. You should be seen by a doctor. You must be worried too.

    About Freud, he based his psychiatric work on watching his own daughter, you can imagine how theories could be clouded...

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    Try finding a therapist that offers Cognitive Therapy. Supposedly offers a much more rapid recovery from emotional or metal issues than Fruedian types.

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    Freud's theorys have been widely discredited, todays psychology is based on cognitive/behavioral principals not psychoanalytic. If you are this misserable see a psychologist.

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    Freud was a strange, perverted asshat. There is nothing wrong with you, you just want something to be wrong with you. Go outside or something.

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