I would love to learn about support groups for parents of autistic children?

I have a son whos 5 that has autism and I would love to be an a support group for times that it gets difficult! We live in California.

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    If you are interested in participating in an online support group you should check out


    Its a yahoo group and it is set up for parents (I think it is actually just for mothers) who have a special needs child of any kind, ADD, ADHD, Autism, just about anything at all. I know two of the ladies who run the group, Rebecca, has a step-son with autism, and JennK has a son with ADHD w/ bipolar tendencies. The whole group is really open and caring. Since its a email group spread out all over the world, there is usually always someone to listen to ya if you need.

    In case you are not familar with Yahoo groups, just go to the Yahoo home page and click on groups. Then search for the group name I gave you or just any key words if you don't think that is right for you. There are many groups and I am sure you will find one you will like.

    Good luck with your search and your ventures with your child. I also have a special needs child and know how "fun" life can be sometimes!!

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    4 years ago

    you may desire to deal with him like a classic newborn yet on the comparable time bear in mind his struggles like he's 5 yet he won't be waiting to fully act 5 despite if he's intense functioning I genuinely have a 2 year previous son and a 5 year previous autistic newborn could be very very comparable to a newborn i understand because of the fact of my sons age he has a complicated time studying some stuff so i only could desire to understand what he knows of if i understand he does not understand i take a seat him down and clarify it to him yet whilst he does understand what hes doing incorrect he gets in concern the final element you're able to do on your son is attempt to no longer act like he's distinctive yet on the comparable time bear in mind he does want help in specific situations and save reminding your self its no longer his fault with the aid of the way the place precisely is H-ville? because of the fact i stay in texas and that i understand of a minimum of 5 diff cities human beings call H-Ville

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    1 decade ago

    look into NAAR

    the national association for autism research. it might help.

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