It is suggested that memory is transferred through genes...?

if so, then it has always happened with human beings. Similarly, do you think that memory (or experience) is transferred through evolution of soul (i.e. your soul before it was in your body was part of another existence previously, and its experiences carry with it into you)....dejavu, instinct, a hunch...what is all this?

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    Memory is one of the function of the brain which is composed of many substances including genes. Thus, memory is transferred through genes.

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    Genetic memory is the "soul."

    There is no "soul" independent of the physical body. When it decomposes, it evolves into other life forms, including plants & other animals.

    The "memory" stored within those cells becomes the basis for inherited memories which are interpreted by the human brain so they are comprehensible as human experiences.

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    The past, present, and future is happening at the same time. I think it's possible de ja vu might be a future/past occurrence that you just remember because it's all happening at the same time.....interesting question. I'd heard the genes, theory before also. Our ancestors could have passed memories down in our genes, no? It's why we remember "past lives". I'm not totally discounting reincarnation, just putting out a possible explanation.

  • This, in theory, was a trait that the Neanderthals had. They would have some memories, fears, and even abilities that were passed on. This is explained in great detail in the book "Clan of the Cave Bear" by Jean M. Auel.

    It is believed that homo sapiens have this trait so that the species can survive. If so, this trait is not as strong as the Neanderthals'.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Instincts are transmitted through genes, but memories aren't. We remember events, and in order for a gene to store a memory it would have to be changed by the event in order to record it. Genes have to be stable or we would all have different number of fingers, eyes, etc.

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    i think that the human race has much to learn about their environment and some people are more attuned to the things that cause dejavu, instinct and hunches. but the soul evolution thing is kinda wacky.

  • Biker
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    1 decade ago

    I dont believe in reincarnation.

    I do believe that the human genome can and does pass on knowledge so that the species can survive.

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