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Stock prediction info?

I want to get into the subject of stock prediction.

Is there some info on it?

Also, where do I get some sample data (I don't want to have to choose a specific stock, but I don't want stocks like GOOG or MSFT which are fluctuating so much)?

Thanks in advance!


I am not actually interested in earning money with this, I simply want to learn how to do it. Please don't give financial advise.

Update 2:

Dear {moviedhamaka},

Thanks a lot for the information!

Is it possible for someone to supply me with information which I can read online (which is as short as possible) on the subject, rather than a book? Thanks again in advance!

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    Checkout stockscreener at

    If you want to know how to analyze a stock and identify if its valued correctly, get hold of a good finance text book and read about ratios. The book will tell you about fundamental analysis.

    You can also find books on technical analysis that deals with stock trends and things like volume, moving average etc.

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    Look for stock in alternate fuels, like bio-diesel and grease. Seriously. I have a friend who runs his new Volkswagon on recycled grease from restaurants and on bio-diesel. At .75 to create a gallon, its way cheaper than gas. Also look into propane injection. It can increase fuel efficiency by up to 40%. Maybe this is the next bubble.

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    Right now the market is as insecure as the great depression. It is on the verge of collapse with too many hot spots around the world. The oil market guides it all and peple are fed up with it. I would hang on to every penny for a few years if we make it that long. THANK BRING IT ON BUSH.

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    you have self belief predictions? you have the adventure to commerce in couple of minutes frames? you have the understanding to barter danger administration in this style of short timeframe? do you like the prediction to be weighted with: Europe? Election? actual Cliff? Iran? i be conscious of of no professional that buys inventory without pondering the business enterprise & ordinary industry situations in the previous making an investment. you're attitude is per: Wow.. WMT is vast and can't fail? It has to bypass up? i'm hoping it will bypass up? WMT has great costs so it has to bypass up? i like WMT? somebody stated on television that WMT is going up? Cramer stated WMT is going up? finally.... you're asking strangers whose skills and motives can by no skill be prevalent. What a waste of time..... and perhaps for you... a waste of money. In inventory determining to purchase and advertising.... lack of awareness could be very high priced.

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    look up daily in the papers and get a good psychic and dont get anything that is like enron

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    Go to

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