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How did 9/11 affect you?

I want to hear your story. I almost lost my uncle and dad that day, they worked in the WTC

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    I hated bush after.

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    I'm glad to hear that your uncle and dad are still with you today!

    As for 9/11, I was in shock and glued to the TV in awe of the images. I felt incredible sadness for the victims and extreme anger at the SOBs who committed these evil acts.

    I admit, I initially held resentment toward anyone living here of Middle Eastern heritage. But rational thought gave way to my realization that not all Muslims are terrorists.

    Nowadays, I am concerned that we could have another incident possibly dwarfing 9/11 in comparison. Vigilance is key, and if we don't take the steps necessary to secure our nation instead of giving way to politically correct nonsense, then I fear our nation will never see a tricentennial.

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    I was working within one of the MOD's units in UK

    security became extremely tight in and around the fenced perimeter ,,,guards on the alert....also at the airdrome ...

    People felt ..disbelieve ,,,shock...anger......

    At a personal level....very, very concerned for family in New York with apartment in block next to the Towers....

    Communication was impossible for a few hours that seemed a life time....finally an electronic message was posted on W W W on their site simply saying : to all concerned we are OK signed ..names of family members.

    one felt absolute helpless not being able to do a thing to help....relying on the good will of the media for further news and reading about not been able to travel to the area ground-line cell mobiles...

    Eventually family members were re-housed and counseled for more than a year......

    Thank God ,they have bounced back...have put their lives together again and moved on..!.......(on the morning of the following cousin went back in and among the rabble against all recommendation and found his dog still alive but terrified hiding in what had been their home) the dog is now happy with the family in a new location.

    Source(s): own experience at the time.
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    wow what a great question... i'm glad your family is okay first and foremost , my mom was born and raised in New York but now lives in california.9/11 was truelly devastating it was the second time in our lives that we had a terrorist attack on american soil (timothy mcvay in oklahoma....remember that) It really hit me the following days and weeks when we started putting faces to the names and hearing from their families that these victims had a story and a life and were loved. Then all the expectant mother's who's children would never know their father's, it just goes on and on.I think are generation will always remember that day,where we were and what we were doing just like my parents when John F. Kennedy was shot i think the war in Iraq needs to end somehow and we need to find Bin Laden and his whole network but i think it's so much bigger than we even think and that is really,really frightening!!!

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    It affected me in that I lost my feelings of being "safe" ...... feelings I did not realize that I possessed as strongly as I did, until I had lost them. I was stunned into the realization that nothing is for certain. Tomorrow is not a certainty. I also found a new sense of compassion for others in countries where war and bombings are common place. Mostly I would say it saddened me to think about how long we (the human race) have been here, and how very little we have learned, and accomplished in regards to loving one another.

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    Let me start by saying you are VERY blessed not to have lost your dad and uncle on 9/11. I was shocked that day. I became angry and upset, and sad.

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    More and more disturbed by politcal propaganda.

    The ruination of human life through the profit, power hungry

    political/business leaders makes me sick.

    The fact that horrific tragedy occurs daily around the world and no one in America seems to know or care. And suddenly the hell hits here and it makes front page news for years.

    What a shame.

    I'm glad that your dad and uncle are fine.

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    I became more patriotic when 9/11 occured. I was not derectly affected because I do not life anywhere near there but I love how this event pulled people together, united. I just wish it didn't happen though, it's very upsetting.

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    I think everybody remembers where they were when 9/11 occured.

    Personally, I became more involved in politics and studied different types of religions as well.

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    I lost a friend. He was a flight attendant on flight 175. It really sucked for a while, I was very sad and angry.

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    i was barely affected. i am actually more affected by the israel/labanon war than i was by the wtc destruction.

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