What are some cute ways to do long hair?

like poofs on top

and just like preppy things

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    1 decade ago
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    http://www.apollonia.jp/ erm...take a look at this website...mayb ull find one...click on whats new...and then click on gallery...for bigger pix,juz click on those pix... >_<

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    1 decade ago

    I have long hair but I am a guy so I don't put any poofs on top. Really, I think poofs and junk like that make a girl look ditsy - like air heady. Long straight smooth hair is the cutest on girls.

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    well you can do a lot of things with long hair

    1-gel and scrunch it

    2-straighten it super straight

    3-straighten it with the ends kind of flipped out around the bottom and around your face

    4-roll it up in 2 inch diameter rollers, spritz on some spray and lightly blow dry for big loose volumous curls

    5-French braid it upwards starting at the nape of your neck and stop at the crown..secure with pins and then use the curling iron and curl large sections of the remaining hair at crown and arrange curls for a cute updo

    6-take a small iron and just spiral curl the very ends for a relaxed flirty style

    7-pull your hair back in a ponytail except for about 1 1/2 horizontal section at your hairline around your forehead. take that section, backbrush it a few times and then pull it back loosely and wrapthe end of the section around your ponytal and stick it throught the band to secure

  • I always like the way classy updo's look. I think layers are always cool too.

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  • 1 decade ago

    use big curlers to make it wavy, like vanessa hudgens hair.

  • two braids!!! ^__^ !

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