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The time when a girl is menstrating is when she is least likely to get pregnant? i correct?

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    Yes that would be correct. At that period the uterine line is shredding.

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    If you are asking if you can have sex with a girl while she's having her period without using any protection then NO.

    My g/f had sex for the first time during her of the last days....she thought it was "safe" she has a bouncing baby GIRL now and the guy is working part-time paying child support and his plans for college/university have been shot all to hell.

    Why are kids too embarassed to walk into a store and buy condoms but they aren't embarassed about getting naked with other teens?

    If you can't afford condoms PLANNED PARENTHOOD gives them out FREE

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    #girl, u r right. but: buy a basal body temperature thermometer, and take the oral temperature daily before rising from bed and at 6 / or 8 pm. and chart it daily twice on a plain graph paper for as long as u are sure of ur egg layin day, 14th day after start menses or when. when u lay ur egg there is a sudden drop and then up.# now that u know ur ovulation day, for 8 - 10 days u avoid sex.// this holds for 99% of females.// so as a rule we say avoid sex after and before 8 days from the first menses day// tragedies do happen. but only 1 %.

    Source(s): i am a india GP
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    sorry bud. women are only fertile for 4 days out of their menstral cycle. the best time to have sex without worry of getting her preggy is to do it the second after she bleeds. but even then there is no guarantee.

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    nope thats a myth it is just as likely as any other time of the month

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    it is not as likely, but you can get pregnant at anytime during the month, even when you are on your period.

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    can't do during that period...unless u don't mind that bloody feeling....think u still young...better use a stores very convenient..

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    yes least likely , but still possible.

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    no sex, no worries

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