What WMDs have been found in Iraq?

I am not looking for opinions. Please list sources.


Wow, I am amazed at the amount of ignorance. I have heard from several news agencies they have found some over there. Wish I could get some hard facts instead of these opinions.

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    haven't u heard ??? , Iraq does have WMDs . they just happen to be on the hands of the Americans ;D . but if u are talking about the ones which bush already knew didn't exist but told the American they did exist , well i guess they will be on the history books of the future but as never found .

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    Our troops found a cache of 500 shells filled with non working inert mustard gas made before 1992, they also found a few shells filled with sarin nerve gas which was still operational. There is a report called the "Duelfer report" which states that these weapons do not indicate a reconstituted weapons program and are not the weapons we are looking for. This is probably the reason you have not heard too much about this from the government or the media. Intelligence reports from all over stated that Iraq had massive and varied stockpiles of weapons, if you really believe Iraq had weapons, then seriously look into it. Some conspiracy theorists believe they were somehow moved to Syria by Russian intelligence, but this has been disproven, and if it were true, it would indicate an even more massive screw up than if they did'nt exist. If there were weapons, the priority should still be to find out where they are and not make believe like it does'nt matter anymore, that is if there were weapons.

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    In October of 2004, the Iraqi Survey Group put out a report on their search efforts for WMD's. In it they stated that the had found 500 old, degraded chemical artillery shells that had been buried prior to the first Gulf War. To this date no "Smoking gun" WMD has been found. The explosives that are being used in IED's are the ones looted form the many Iraqi munitions dumps that we never bothered to secure in our race to Baghdad. Over 400 tons were looted form one site alone. The DU rounds that we are using is from an innovative way to get rid of nuclear waste from our nuclear power plants. Why spend millions to dispose of it when you can make millions turning it into ammo! There is nothing depleted about this uranium and when it hits something it vaporizes, leaving a radioactive dust to cover everything around.

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    Very few, primarily because Saddam Hussein had months to move them out of country while the UN debated endlessly and the US waited on the UN decisions before attacking Iraq. Most of them are now in Syria, and some of the missles currently used by Hezbollah may have originally come from Iraq's arsenals.

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    Although the WMD's we were promised have not been found. It amazes me how short minded some people can be. BEFORE the war we heard people in BOTH parties talk about how dangerous Saddam was and what a Threat he posed to the world. Then after we go in and find nothing one party apparently forgot all the talk they did before the war about WMD's. Don't worry libs we didn't forget all your talk BEFORE the war. Its easy to cut and run After the fact.

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    So far, the only WMD's found in Iraq are the depleted uranium projectiles fired by the U.S. military. Those things will continue to kill thousands of people for years to come.

    If Saddam had them, don't you think he'd have used them during the invasion?

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    "As of June 21, 2006, declassified documents show that over 500 chemical munitions containing degraded Mustard or Sarin Nerve agent built prior to 1991 have been recovered in Iraq"

    well it's weapons of mass destruction but the kind you where looking for exactly to accuse the invasion justifable

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    well... I don't have time to go look up the sources... so, you don't have to believe me...

    but quickly... everyone knew hey had them in the 80s... Bush was looking for post-gulf war WMD...

    those found were pre-Gulf war.... so they were not the ones that we invaded to find... according to the White house and dod...

    when most people are talking about WMD... they are talking about the ones Bush was looking for (post-gulf war)... and we haven't found any of those yet...

  • old news, there have been many found and some as recently as within the last month...do a websearch and some research its amazing how enlightening reading and becoming informed can be....but don't limit yourself to the anti-american news go for the gold look further for the truth

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    Woops, the white house made little a boo boo, sorry

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