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Why don't any of the And1 players join the NBA?

They get WAY MORE fame and WAY MORE fortune in the NBA and they have the skills needed to do well in it.


Yeah, I know that streetball is A LOT different than how the NBA plays.

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    because streetball is very different from NBA basketball. take a look at rafer alston. he was a legend in the streetball community. but he isnt exactly tehbest point guard in the NBA. streetball is about expressing yourself, attitude, respect. And1 players have the style and the moves to wow people. and maybe it could be that the NBA has become too much of a business rather than a game.

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    the nba has certain rules like traveling, and double dribbling , and so them guys will be in a whole other world if they cant be runnin around with the ball, its too structured for them , they are good athletes dint get me wrong ,and also besides alston some guys have never played at a advanced level , college.. so nba scouts know nothing about them, and for jokes , some guys are older than 30 and walk up and down the court and wont hustle until the have the ball, and height also plays a factor some are 5 '5 - 5'7 and some are taller , and some maybe got felonies just got out of the pen, and played while inside , so the nba dont want criminals in the nba

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    Playing streetball, and playing in the NBA are two totally different ways of playing. I tried out for the Denver Nuggets and three ABA teams, and if you never played college or organized ball, it is very hard to make the transition. Don't get me wrong, the streetball guys can play, but a lot of them can't make the transition. The NBA workouts are crazy hard.

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    Nba And1

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    Playing street ball is A LOT different than playing in the NBA. It's almost a totally different game. Rafer Alston aka Skip to My Lou is the only street baller I know that is in the NBA.

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    They can't play defence and they travel and double dribble a lot. Also, they probably lack the discipline to be in the NBA (it requires a lot more than you might think).

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    Because they r idiots not 2 join the nba

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    I don't know, maybe it's because they just don't have the feel for the NBA or something...I've actually wanted to ask that too before....

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    and 1 players think the nba is for certain people

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    They would get eaten alive!!!

    the nba isnt totally fake

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