Does Jewlery become worth more after some time?

I am wondering if my apraisal that I have from 7 yrs ago should be updated to todays value or if it does not make any difference

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    If you are concerned about theft, loss or damage for some reason then you should reappraise it to make sure you have it insured for enough to replace it if something should happen.

    But your question about jewelry appreciates in value is a good one. Normally the only value to jewelry is intrinsic, valued really by those who bought and perhaps gave it as a gift.

    The resale value of jewelry bought with the intention of making it a keepsake is usually quite a bit lower than the owner likely thought.

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    The only way to measure a true value for something is to find out what it would sell for. Jewelry is often sold for much higher than their true you are starting out with a deficit right off the bat. I liken it to purchasing a new depreciates the minute you drive it off the lot. Unless you can afford to invest in only the highest quality of stones; you will probably only break even....or you must hang on to it long enough for it to catch up with inflation. It is a risky investment. I would wait another three years before going to the expense of reevaluating the appraisal value.

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    Yes, jewelry appreciates in value.

    However, most of the time when you walk into a jewelry store, the price you pay is NOT the "appraisal" price. Also, in most cases, when you have a loss, the insurance company does NOT pay the insured amount to you - they get a wholesale replacement based on your description.

    What *I* do is ask for wholesale value plus 20%, on my appraisal, and I keep them honest by asking a claims buddy for a current wholesale price. And I re-appraise every 5 years.

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    You will have to have it reappraised. What changes is the dollar value per ounce of the metal and the stones, and depending how the market has changed for the different materials since the last appraisal, they could be worth more, or less than before.

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  • Paige
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    1 decade ago

    why have it apraised? For insurance purposes then yes (if your going to insure the piece) otherwise don't bother unless your trying to sell it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it might depending what type of jewlry it is

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