can n-e-one answer my question?

I need 2 no what high school is like?and what should i be aware of ?and what I shouldn't do?

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    sorry, i never made it past 6th grade

    But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express lastnight

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    If you went to middle school where you changed classes its pretty similar, at least the ninth grade is. As you get closer to being a senior the more freedoms and choices you get.

    Don't stress out over starting high school. Your friends will be there and it will be a new experience for all of you. You won't be all by yourself at lunch or find yourself lost in the hallways. The staff know that its a new experience for the ninth graders as well as new students to that school and will be very helpful as you get adjusted to it.

    So instead of stressing over what high school might or might not have, look forward to starting the last phase of your mandatory education requirements. Just think in four years you can be done with school if you so want. You can also move away from home. You can get a job. You might even have a serious boyfriend before the four years is over with.

    Start looking forward to high school and you'll enjoy yourself alot more.

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    The first thing you should know about high school is that you will be expected to communicate properly. If I were you, I'd get myself into the habit of writing "anyone" instead of "n-e-one", "know" instead of "no" except when "no" is appropriate, "to" instead of "2", and so forth. You will earn the respect of your teachers by showing them your intelligent communication skills. Some people might try to make fun of you for appearing smart, but those will be the folks flipping burgers at Wendy's while you're in college preparing to make tons of money in the real world, all because you showed people you can communicate with intelligence and power.

    Don't slack off. Don't pay attention to anyone who dismisses the importance of academics. You can still have fun and make good grades. Focus on doing well in school, and you will reap the rewards for the rest of your life, not just in respect but in money as well. Never forget that education leads to money. It's the surest paths. There are only a few singers, rappers, and sports stars, but there are millions of lawyers, bankers, and businessmen (and women!) who live in style because they focused on education.

    Good luck in high school!

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    alright kiddo you really need to experience high school for yourself. it really isn't much like elementary or middle in that you're going to have teachers, friends and rules. all the basic school stuff, nothing different except harder classes and more demanding work.

    what you should be aware of? no one is perfect and you are going to have trouble. this of course i natural and should be expected. it's how you handle it that counts. remember to always pick yourself back up again. sounds corny, but it's important.

    as for what you shouldn't do... uh don't do drugs.

    you'll learn young grasshopper. there's nothing like first-hand experience. good luck.

    Source(s): my life.
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    Some say high school is rough others say it was cake. The social crowd varies from place to place. Be yourself, don't let others influnece you and you will be fine.... Plus.. if you hate it you only have to deal with them for maybe 4 years then you don't have to ever deal with them again.... :)

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    It has been too many years since I was in that position, but I will advise you to be yourself, and keep an open mind. Do not be afraid to ask for help or directions.

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    It's pretty easy. Just don't buy an elevator pass from a senior unless you know there is an elevator.

    Source(s): Kids at my school buy elevator passes, but we don't have an elevator.
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    Why don't you just wait and find out? Every school is different.

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    hi, why u don want every-one to answer your Q!!?

    do u come from the middle-east?

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