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what is the economy flight ticket might cost from East Africa to Washington?

if there is any one who knows how to search for the air fares on the internet please assist me. if there is any one ever travel from east africa to washington in the last 6 months ago, please tell me how much did you paid, i.e go&return ticket(round trip) or one way trip. if there is any one ever been to Long view-WA or Oregon near Portland Air port. is it possible to get one way fight to portland air port from east africa?

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    First thing mazee polish up on your English, do a toefl or something. You are probably a student so it will be of great help in your classwork. Air fare is about 2000$. If you live in Tanzania or Uganda, u got no national carrier too bad. The internet is no place to search for air fares, so do your ground work Brayo. Time of travel matters and there are student fares. All these are much cheaper options than an economy ticket. Good luck.

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    Have a look at the page below. There are flight tools which may help.

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    it's over $10.000 ... it's not worth the money ...

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