Are there working locks on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis?

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    Lock and Dam No. 1 on the Mississippi River is located between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota just north of the confluence of the Mississippi with the Minnesota River. The dam portion is owned by the Ford Motor Company, which operates a hydroelectric power station to feed electricity to its Twin Cities Assembly Plant on the east side of the river. The dual-lock facility is operated by the St. Paul district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Mississippi Valley Division.

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    In 1907, Congress authorized a 6 foot (1.8 m) channel project on the Mississippi, which wasn't complete when it was abandoned in the late 1920s in favor of the 9 foot (2.7 m) channel project.

    In 1913, construction was complete on a dam at Keokuk, Iowa, the first dam below St. Anthony Falls. Built by a private power company to generate electricity, the Keokuk dam was one of the largest hydro-electric plants in the world at the time. The dam also eliminated the Des Moines Rapids.

    Lock and Dam No. 1 was completed in Minneapolis in 1917 and Lock and Dam No. 2 at Hastings, Minnesota, was completed in 1930.

    Lock and Dam 1 Overview:

    Located on Mississippi River mile 847.9, in Minneapolis.

    Construction completed in 1917, reconstructed in 1929. Main Lock completed May 1932. Last major rehabilitation 1978-1983.

    Dam consists of Ambursen concrete overflow structure 574' long, hydro power station owned and operated by Ford Motor Co. Inflatable on crest of Ambersen dam owned and operated by Ford.

    Lock is 56' wide by 400' long. River Lock 56' wide by 400' long.

    It is the only twin lock in the district.

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    what do ya mean by working locks.

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