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how can you justify hizbollah and the palestinian's actions?

Both Hizbollah and the palestinians kidnapped israeli soldiers and then cried when the insraeli's fought for its citizens. The arabs go and put their missles and leaders in residential houses and then complain that they are the victim because civilians were killed. If they truly cared they would separate themselves from innocent civilians. If israel would have layed back and been inactive upon having their soldier's captured this would have been just one of many kidnappings. Israel had to send a message that its citizens are important and any actions against them will not be tolerated. As far as the attacks being disproportionate, how can you expect a country to say oh they kidnapped two of our people so lets only kidnap two of theirs? They need to defeat hizbollah and the palestinians before true peace can start to flourish.

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    I can only say this: How can you defend Israel? If the Israeli people hadn't showed up in Palestine none of this would have happened!!! NO HAMAS, NO HIZBULLAH.

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    I don't know if you are stupid or you act in that way. Lebanon and Israel were and are still in war, so both have the right to kidnap others COMBATANTS. But none has the right to bombard illegal weapons on the head of innocent children, and that what Israel is doing, and their terrorist children who are writing messages on the missiles before being fired. Maybe your child will read that message someday, and then you will feel it.


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    Do you think the Israeli military response inside Lebanon is justified?

    Yes 44% 451124 votes

    No 56% 572822 votes

    Total: 1023946 votes

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    You can't, Israel is in the right.

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