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Australian Women?

Everyone always says how pretty, thin and intelligent Australian women are. Is this really true? Are aussie women really the most beautiful women in the world? I want the truth!

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    i really depends on where you go.

    i know so many women that fit that catagory.

    but then, we also have the 'dogs'.

    i will tell you one thing though - most australian women would rather be healthy and a correct weight than thin.

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    Take it from me, that is most definitely NOT the case.

    I have been here 3 months and granted, I'm a happily married man, but even so I have not seen one head-turner in all my time here. And I would argue that, if my workplace is anything to go by, Australian women are decidedly below average in the IQ department. A couple of the senior managers there are amongst the thickest people I have ever had to work with.

    Most women here with intelligence are either European or Asian.

    As for thin - who gives a damn? We probably do not have as much of a culture of eating disorders hereas the USA does.

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    Australians eat less food. Yes, there's a lot of absolutely gorgeous Aussie women.

    The portions of food are half the size of Americans, so of course their thinner.

    My now ex-girlfriend is an Aussie, she's still the most beautiful woman I ever had as a girlfriend.

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    They may not be the most beautiful but they are certainly are no dummies by any stretch of the imagination as Big E seems to imply,,,maybe its just that your to stupid to listen to what these women are talking about !!!

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    send me a pic and i will see for myself

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    That's all I need to say! I've been there!

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    yes we are the best!!!!

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