In schools what is popularity?

I have always been wondering..

cuz it seems the way u dress if you have designer clothes or wateva, then ure popular or if yu are a 'prep' what is a prep anywazz..

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    Hmmm, good question. Some people think popularity is being liked by a lot of people. Some think it is being liked by the "in" crowd (usually the attractive people or the rich people). Prep refers to "college prep" meaning someone who is preparing to go to college--usually slacks and polo shirts for guys...not sure what preppy is for girls. I wouldnt worry about it. Like who you like and leave the rest for the vultures.

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    okay well I'm a PREP and I know these things well first of all I'm all of the things you are saying popularity I have Im a prep and yes if you have Designer stuff like Hollister Roxy Volcom Billabong and many many more that is what I wear and yeah it makes you popular what is in the style now like ripped jeans which I have is in style right now make you almost be popular and people like that and what a prep is well you have to be like funny wear collared shirts like polo's AND YOU HAVE TO WEAR NEW BALANCES and you have to be like a cheerleader and you have to be like loud and you have to be like OMG I so Broke a nail that is how a prep is and trust me I am this I mean I think I know what Im talking about

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    Well....when you get to high school, the popularity thing goes away, it really doesn't matter as long as you have some good friends... Usually if you're pretty or handsome you're automatically liked by everyone of the opposite sex and hated by the ones that are the same. Popularity isn't judged by the stuff your brands aren't even in right now.

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    yeah if you are pretty (face), rich, and designer clothes

    but popularity doesnt matter ne ways!

    ummmmm a prep is someone that is like "omg, i love your new jeans! where in the world did u find them?" and is flirtacious and is "popular"

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    Popularity in schools mean that all the kids think that you are cool for what you have or what you do and they know you and you have a lot of cool friends. But, in teenage years you will never know!

    Source(s): IN our schools there were popular kids and they were the exact definition above.
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    prep stands for someone who acts like they go to collage and are still freshmen.

    the only thing "popular" people do is act like someone there not the only opinion that matters about yourself is yours!

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    Popular mens everyone knows who you are and you have a lot of friends.

  • Anonymous
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    stuffs thats in or w/ the type of ppl ur w/ and also been on a sport

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    it is different everywhere u go in jr. high it is cuz u have more friends in high school it is cuz u have power

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    I think we will never know

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