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What brand Jeans would fit me the best? (more details)?

Im 13 years old, about 5'3 and I weigh 95 pounds.

What brand jeans might fit me the best?

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    I'm about the same and true religions fit me perfectly. You could try sevens too. Thanks and good luck. :)

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    I would definitely reccomend Lucky Brand jeans. You can buy them at either Buckle or at the Lucky Brand store (Google it). You sound about the same size as me, and I fit into a 24 there (Which is the same as a 0 or a 00 in other places). They can be a little expensive but I have had this one pair from there for 3 years and it hasn't ripped or anything!

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    They have jeans at Land's End that are taylored to fit you perfectly.Also,jeans will a little flare at the bottom are cute.

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    Mudd Jeans fit perfect they rock.

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    I love Mudd jeans, they have the best fit. Im not sure if Mervyns still carries them. Or try L.E.I. Mervyns does have those.

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    EXPRESS or Abercrombie

    if your have trouble with the stock ones I'd try 'the Buckle' or 'guess' they have some more specific sizes.

    good luck!

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    Levis or Wranglers..thoes jeans last forever!!

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    u might want to try a 0 at like ae or something or abercrombie

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    Hollister jeans make everything look better.

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    apple bottoms

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