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why are there so many people who can't tell a real friend from a fake friend?????

I mean there are so many people that have no real as in there is nothing holding the "friendship" together except maybe a common desire to get wasted to look cool all the time or to get high. Don't these people realize that they have no actual friends----friends that would take a bullet for them. I think thats why so many people are depressed, because they realize that they have no friends one day, and try to change the fact that all their companions share with them one fake thing/activity, but by that time its too late. Some people think having 72 friends in their cell phone contacts catalog means they have 72 friends, when in fact no one has more than 5-10 close friends. It's pretty ridiculous....and sad that people aren't able to figure out what a friend is until its too late. I'm 18 and never was confused about this. I mean think about many people ask why their friend just slept with their BF/GF/husband/wife, but what they don't get is thats not a friend.


my question is why isn't it obvious who someones friends it because the person doesnt want to come to terms with this, or really can't figure it out until its too late. Is it for acceptance. Like for example....I love my friends to death, and would never do any gay **** to hurt them----like **** around with their partner or anything but the great thing is i know they wouldn't do it to me either.

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    not a day goes by without me asking me the same question

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    because "buddy" is only half a word. im me for the other half

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