i'm pro-life. i don't get all you pro choicers out there...read on?

why kill a baby if you don't want it? why have unprotected sex with an illigitemate partner in the first place. and if you were raped (as some may argue), why not give it up for adoption. why does a child you created have to suffer death for your bad choices? can someone please clarify? i know i've been kinda blunt about and with this question, but i really want to know. I've been to an abortion clinic before on my nursing rotation and it's like an assembly line. all women there get in line to suck their children out of their bodies FOR THEIR INCONVENIENCE. stop having unprotected sex goddammit!!!! and if you do, own up to what you did.

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    you said it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN

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    I do agree with your arguments, however I still believe that abortion should remain legal, simply because if it weren't, young women would be doing it anyways in dangerous dirty alley ways with coat hangers. I personally value adult life more so than the life of a baby. This is not a popular view I know, but it makes complete sense from a survivalists' perspective. We can always make more babies, but you cannot replace the experience garnered from an adult life.

    My great great great grandmother had an abortion because she was overwhelmed and she and her husband were poor. She died as a result of her attempt, and left behind two small children. Her husband was accused of her murder, but luckily was acquitted. Granted this was before there was any effective form of birth control available, so that was her excuse. But my opinion on it's legality still stands. If she had had the aid of a doctor, she probably would have lived to raise her boys.

    But I agree that people should take responsibility for their actions rather than resorting to abortion.

    There are some cases that I think it is acceptable, as in the case of rape, or if the woman's life is at risk if she has the baby. This sounds harsh, and it is, but I don't care, but the only time I would EVER have one is if I were raped, because I'll be damned if I bear the child of a rapist. I won't put my body through that for a child I couldn't love. Ready or not, if I were to accidentally become pregnant with my fiance's child, I would absolutely keep it and raise it the best I could, and love it the way it deserves to be loved.

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    The problem with this is, the reasoning of why it's wrong is because you're killing a living being(baby). But, do you think it's okay for a woman to be raped and have to carry the child. What if a father molested his 14 year old daughter. Must she carry the child too? You can't say abortion is okay in these circumstances, because your main arguement is that it's murder and you can't say that murder is sometimes okay and sometimes not. By doing this, you would be a fence walker. I'm pro-life, but not very strong because of the reasons I just said. That would awful to make a child who has been molested or a woman who was raped to carry that child.

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    Why is it that so many pro-lifers (in the USA) are also anti-contraception. Why is it that the American attitude about actual sex is that it is sex, "blinded by passion," not thoughtful love-making. Why American culture and religious pressure today says was and ripped bodies are OK at 18 but not sweet orgasms? If you can answer those questions you will be on the way to answering American cultural prejudices that cause the pro-choicers' (or hypocritical pro-lifers; do you know how many abortions in the USA are secretly had by - formerly, maybe - energetic pro-lifers? About 35%!!) to be those which you so detest.

    Ask yourself also: How many vehement pro-lifers offer to pay all expenses, including lost income, of pregnant women wishing abortions and also for the raising of the child?

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    Few know people who where a prduct of rape. Like normal people.. and unpridictable as such it didnt ruin her life.

    The life of a human being.. zygote.. stem cell.. what have you.. has the capacity to become a human being. And every human being like the clump of cells still has a portential to become great.

    Wel all have greatness within us. But pro choice argues another.. vary important right.. mans dominion over other man should never be enforced. Thinking and reasonable people.. who think that mistakes cant happen that think that law will give an end of the problem.. are sorely mistaken.

    Unfortunately agreeing with life hasent convinced me the need to take away choice. the choice is up to the individual... sadly for each one of us has the capacity to give birth or end greatness in our world.

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    Obviously you MUST be perfect and NEVER make mistakes. Do you know what hell a woman goes through who is raped? And to force upon her that she must carry this child, a constant reminder of what horror she has been through, to term? And what happens when the kid is old enough to knowk, and then is told the truth? There are times when abortion is appropriate and when it's not appropriate (i.e. when a family wants one sex and the baby is another). Stop trying to tell others how to live and what to do with their lives and find something productive to do with your's.

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    i see your point of view, but what if a teenager is raped and their body can't carry a baby. what if they see the baby as a reminder of the horrible thing that has happened to them. How would it be like being raped and becoming pregnant and having to look at your stomache all day and deal withthe pain of a baby while knowing that it was because of some disgusting pervert. Being raped is a very emotional and horrible event. I myself would never have an abotion, but i think it is a woman's right to choose about what happens to the,

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    what about the morning after pill for rape victims? they don't know weather or not they are pregnant. i could see that child being very screwed up and the mother being even more so knowing how that child was created. in my eyes the morning after pill should only be used in that situation and not a form of birth control. i don't like abortion anymore than you do. but i have learned that you never know how you will think, feel, and act in a given situation until you are in it.

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    Is forcing a child to grow up in foster homes or being beaten and abused by their parents worse? You must look at what is the greater sin. I think life is precious, but growing up in that environment is horror. I would rather be dead than to go through that.

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    protected sex can still result in pregnancy. why bring an unwanted child into the world? theres not enough love and protection for the children that are already here as it is.

    for women to achieve any kind of equality then they have to regain control over our bodies. at the moment society still sees womens bodies and there reproductive potential as its property.

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    If she believes that legal, medical, probability-free abortion is faulty, yet having a buddy kick her contained in the tummy is a valid selection? Then certain, i'd almost genuinely call her a hypocrite....

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