I am 36 weeks along and having constant contractions. I am not sure if this is false labor or not?

there is not really a break between contrations


this is my second child . but i did not really have very much pain with the first and it was 2 years ago

Update 2:

and my water broke with my first. they had to give me ptosin just to start my contractions

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    sure it is possible you are in labor and that it isn't false labor. I had my son when I was 37 weeks pregnant to the day. And in retrospect...looking back I was getting contractins for a month before that. Then I didn't know..but now I do!

    I would go call the dr.s office or the hospital where you plan on giving birth. They will probably suggest that you come in. And for this they will take you in right away. It's a 24/7 service...so get on the horn and be prepared to go to the hospital after you hang up the phone.

    They might put you on bed rest or they can stop your contractions cause 36 weeks is a bit early.

    So Good LUck and stay well. You and baby both

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    There really is something to timing them. If you start contractions, immediately start timing them for at least a half hour. If they stop for a while -- then just wait. So many of us have gone to the hospital only to be turned away. If that happens to you, don't be embarrassed -it's so normal. I had false contractions for almost a month and even that child had to be induced. Hang in there - when the sweet child is ready, it (as I don't know sex of child) will be here and it will be the happiest day of your life! Best of luck.

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    Good luck. Make sure you voice your opinion to your ob/gyn or midwife whatever the case may be. My girlfriend is due tomorrow and has been having the same contractions as you and yet her midwife keeps telling she is having contractions but not in labor. Hopefully your midwife/ob/gyn will be alot more understanding. Remember to time from the time one starts and another begins and how long they last over a hour or more time. That will help. Also remember contractions can feel like period cramps and gets more severe overtime. They can also feel like a bad backache and travel around to your stomach as they continue also. Good luck, I know my girlfriend is at her wit's end and it's her 3rd.

    Source(s): Speaking with a midwife for the past 9 months as well as having 3 children of my own.
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    It could be, or not, but in a while you'll have noooo doubt! it will get progressivly worse, so unconfortable you'll want to hit your man! did your mucus plug break? your water break? it doesn't always, but the pain ALWAYS gets worse, you'll have no doubt you're in full labor. The thing is, stay home where you're confortable for as long as you can, I take it it's your 1st child, so labor can be 8-24 hours, once you go to the hospital, you get no food, drink, so if you live close by, I'd stay home as long as you can, try & eat, it might be your last meal for a day. Good Luck, relax!

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    I spoke to my dr. today about which contractions to pay attention to (I'm 34 weeks and have a lot of braxton hicks contractions). He said that I will not be able to talk through "real" contractions because of the pain.

    And, I'm sorry people are "yelling" at you to go to the ER or call your dr. I understand that you just want some advice. Best of luck!!

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    Honey you will know when it is the real thing. Braxton Hicks feels like a tightening in your stomach, conrations/labor pains will increase and feel like menstrual cramps x's 25. High on the rictor scale darling, unmistakable. When you start feeling like killing the man that got you pregnant because it hurts so bad you will know you are in labor. Don't get me wrong you will forget everything after the baby comes out. Good luck.

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    Never take a chance whether it's Braxton Hicks contractions or real. Get to the hospital at once.

    Source(s): 15 yrs as an EMT and having birthed too many babies in the field who should've been in a hospital setting.
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    GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW!!!!! after 36 weeks anything with more than 4 in an hour regular or not.

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    You'd be in labour if the contractions occur closer together, increase in duration over time, and if you have bleeding. Otherwise you're probably experiencing false labour. If you're worried, call your Ob/Gyn.

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    Check with your doctor. It might just be Braxton Hicks contractions.

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