I may buy a used car?

If I get a car from a dealer would it be a clear title? If I get it from a regular person, do I get a title check, how do I do this?

Any book suggestions on how to buy a used car?

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    If you buy a car from a private seller, the best way is to have the buyer and seller go together to the MVR. This will help, but you can try CARFAX (not foolproof) or call the state agency about the title. Avoid flood, salvage or other titles that suggest that the car is in its second life. Happy driving

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    Most of the time when buying a used car, it's an "as is" deal. But most of the time when buying a used car, you have the right to have your mechanic check it over for you. Never buy a vehicle without getting a clear title. The dealer will be able to do the needed things, but if you buy from an individual the best thing to do would be both of you go to the motor vehicles department and take care of the title transfer at the time of sale. Just be careful and don't jump into a situation, take your time and think before you act. If it blows up into a million pieces as you pull out of the lot, and it's "as is" you own the million pieces.

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    You are always safer buying from a dealer (certified pre-owned is safest), but buying from a reputable seller on eBay motors is also great. Remember that the "cheapest" car is not always the best deal in the long run. Cars that people want (like Camrys and Honda Accords & Civics) cost more initially but hold their value longer and are more reliable. Look in Consumers Reoprts Annual Car Guide for excellent tips on buying a car, and on models which are best in their class.

    Good Luck.

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    research, research, research. Go to carfax.com and enter the vin number of the used car you are wanting to buy and it will tell you everything about the car..example...how many accidents it has been in etc. Consumer reports will tell you all the pro's and con's about the car you are interested in.

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    You will be so careful.

    Check all, if you have a some person that knows about cars, mabye he should check first.

    And all the documents too.

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