Does a 96 Ford Taurus have a timing chain or belt? If it's a belt, when are you supposed to change it?


Harold, or anyone else-if it breaks while driving, does it do the same kind of damage a belt can do to your engine while driving? I had an 86 Civic, was really young, and had no idea that timing betls ro chains even, you can imagine my surprise when the car repair place told me I ruined my engine. That was a bit shocking!!

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    It's a chain and unless it breaks leave it alone, unless it's a SHO then it's a belt then change it around 90K

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    Ford Taurus Timing Belt

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    I don't know about the Yamaha motored SHO vehicles but not too many had the v-8 anyway.

    The 3.0 EFI (2v), 3.0 FFV (Flex Fuel 2v), and 3.0 DOHC (4v) all use timing chaines to control timing of the motor. these are good engines for these chaines as I've seen many at 150-200k without it needing changing..... With chaines, the vehicle will run bad but almost never snap the chain....

    For get about inspections of it unless you like 4 hour mechanic bills as it's under the front of the motor and requires water pump, oil pump and a few other items to be removed to get to... Better to replace it and forget it if you are worried... But I've driven many at 150-250 k with no issues..occasionally drive one with 100k miles on it..engine is abused by co-workers and others and still going...

    Fan belts (shouldn't call it that now..a alternator or FEAD as Ford calls it) needs inspection about every 6-12 k miles (can be easily inspected for cracks when having the oil changed) and changed when it starts to shows cracks,wear or squeals.

    You Honda used a timing belt and is called a interference motor.. meaning belt breaks, valves hit pistons... Many import owners don't know about it but learn REALLY QUICK at 60k when the dealer is forcing that $300 required belt maintaince down their throat or the customer ignores it and blows the engine at 100k or so

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    They all have a timing chain and they are not fun on these cars to do. Some even require removal of the engine to get the chain out, This is a Ford trait that I had on my Windstar as well.

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    The engine 3.0L has a chain, which never goes out so don't worry about it. If it would go out you would probably have more than 200,000 miles on it.

  • Josh S
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    Chain, Leave it alone unless you have to do engine repairs.

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    Chain, depends on what type of engine it has.

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    I have to disagree with people on here. I recommend having it checked at 100,000 miles and see if it needs to be replaced and about 50,000 miles thereafter.

  • Anonymous
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    when it breaks or starts shredding

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    gaerbox1 gets my vote !!

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