If my SAT scores (verbal 300, math 800) can I be accepted to MIT?

Or take a couple of courses.

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    Math 800 is excellent, but what do you mean by Verbal 300? I thought the max was also 800 for verbal. If that's the case that's a horrible score and you probably won't get in. I tried for MIT, with a math of 680 and a verbal of 670 and they put me on the wait list. Didn't get in. They much prefer people with over 700s.

    Kinda retarded though, these SATs. I'm not an idiot, I took Calc 1 and 2 and scored 33 on my verbal ACT. MIT kept saying, "Oh we like unique people" but even though I've done many unique things and was a bright student, they didn't accept me.

    Oh well, it's their loss.

    At the same time, it's not like they can accept everyone and there are smarter people than me out there who would better be served at MIT.

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    From their website, in 2005 they had 10,443 applications and took 1,495. The MIDDLE 50% of their SAT verbal scores were from 690 to 770 and their MIDDLE 50% of SAT math scores were from 740 to 800. Their SAT II math scores were from 740 to 800, SAT II Science was from 710 to 790, SAT II Humanities was 700 to 780, and the ACT composite score was from 31 to 34.

    Every school looks for people with special talents or abilities, or for people to "round out" their student body, so if you fit one of those categories, that may improve your chances. Realize though their are lots of other good schools out there. You might be a very attractive candidate at lots of other schools.

    I'd suggest that you don't get so hooked on one school. I did that many years ago and was sure I would be going to Cornell. It didn't happen, I went somewhere else, and have had a wonderful, productive life. You can do that too.

    Good luck!

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    No.... no longer being an enduring resident isn't an benefit in any respect. worldwide pupils worsen monetary help and face greater opposition for admissions. luckily for you, you will nevertheless be taken care of as a eco-friendly card holder. Indians and Asians in frequently won't get any reward in school admissions... extraordinarily at MIT the place Asians are already overrepresented and the place the dean of admissions there commented on a rejected Asian who she not at all met that he "appeared like 1000 different Koreans infants… yet yet another textureless math grind.” Your chum is basically asserting the apparent- solid information in technology and math might for sure be solid for a math and technology college. yet, MIT sees various applicants with suited math and technology scores and grades so do no longer anticipate any ensures. i think of your extreme college GPA is slightly low for MIT. of direction, in case you rather do have a "low" score in examining, you will possibly for sure be appeared at much less favorably than somebody who had the comparable math score and a greater effective examining score than you. MIT is a attain college for all people.

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    I suspect that those verbal scores are way too low. You would have to improve them. Of course, lots of other things matter. You would have to have very good grades and I suspect they look for extracurriculars as well. But I would be highly doubtful that a score of 300 would get you in.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not on the basis of the SAT results. Maybe some other aptitude or ability would outweight the scores. Say outstanding musical ability or artistic skill. The only way to know for sure is go ahead and apply.

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    I think the average SAT score at MITis 1400

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    look on their website, that's a VERY low verbal though... sorry

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