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People with dental problems and pain who cannot afford going to the dentist-what do you do!!!???


For trollhair-I don't buy clothes, don't smoke and don't eat junk food, so...

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    I hate to say this, but look on line for free clinics or call the Department of social and Health Svcs in your area and ask them if there is a low cost or free dental service in your area. If they don't have the answer call the local health department for a recommendation.

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    Get Advil. I have a hole in my one tooth but can't afford to get it fixed, so I take advil when the pain gets bad enough as per my dentists recommendation. He sad that's about the best over the counter medicine to get for a toothache.

    so until next year when I'll have dental insurance, I'm sticking it out.

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    4 years ago

    reckoning on the place you reside, Medicaid many times covers dental care. you're able to see in case you qualify based on your earnings. or you're able to qualify for dental centers under a Medically Indigent software (many times run via counties or public hospitals) touch a branch of the yank Dental affiliation (verify your yellow pages). they are many times conscious of courses you ought to qualify for or dentists who're keen to make charge plans (maximum will). verify in case you have a dental college on your area-- they typically grant loose care in substitute for a gaining knowledge of threat (the scholars are properly suervised.) Dental care is incredibly much less high priced. you're able to ask for costs for place of work visits and cleanings-- that is alot under you think of. the final dental insurance is getting you tooth wiped clean two times a three hundred and sixty 5 days. Flossing and combing are great-- you're able to look right into a "sonic care" electric powered toothbrush. they have come down extensively in value, and actual help w/ gum wellness. good luck.

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    go to the emergency room they give penicillian for the infection and that clears it and helps the pain . then try a dental school or a clinic or try to arrange time payments with a dentist

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    Quit spending your money on clothes, cigarettes and junk food and pay for a dentist.

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    1 decade ago

    check with your local free clinicsor if there is a dental school in your community the dental students are sometimeslooking for people to do their final practices on

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    Try going to a dental school. They'll do work for a minimum price or sometimes for free.

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    Please check locally, allot of cities have programs for people in your situation, like discounted or even FREE clinics!

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    Just tough it out.

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    let your teeth rot out of your mouth

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