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My biological grandfather died in 1953, how do I find his relatives?

All I know is his first and last name, that he died in Oregon and that he was 21 years old. I would like to know if he has any relatives around. I thought I would start by ordering a death certificate.

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    When I began my genealogical (family history) study many years ago, I did exactly what you're doing. I ordered death certificates for my grandparents. Death certificates usually contain dates of birth and death and cause of death. They may also contain occupation, place of birth, parents' names, and other useful information.

    Here's where you can find some info on getting Oregon death certificates:

    If you know where he died, then there was probably an obituary in his local newspaper. If you know where that was, the local library or genealogical society may have an archived copy of it. Obits usually include names of family members.

    There are many resources for helping you track down ancestors and many of those are free. If you do a google search on "oregon genealogy" you'll find plenty of resources to help you.

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    I would recommend getting a copy of his death certificate, then from there i would check this web site out:

    it helped me get info on a relative that passed away years ago.

    You can even hire a private .investigator to assist (if you have the money for that). Good luck, hope you find the information you seeking. –Dave

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    You can also look for an obituary. I would also send off for his social security application. Chances are he filled one out. You could probably find his parents in the 1930 census once you get his social security application. I would post a message on the Rootsweb Message board.

    Good luck!

    Big Stick!

  • 1 decade ago might help, I guess these peeps keep track of everyone on the planet, or close to it. Not too many free sites around, but trying to get the birth and death cert would help. Good Luck!!!!

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